Apple Messages for Business

Apple Messages for Business

Apple Messages for Business is a service that allows your organization to communicate directly with your customers using the Messages app. The Messages app pre-installed on their devices, and therefore no separate app download is required to the convenience of users.



The channel can be used for a variety of use cases.

Whilst content distribution is allowed, the use-case should be approved by Apple (see “register for Apple Messages for Business” and “MIA with Apple Messages for Business“). Please mind that Apple requires that a user should always be able to reach out for customer service even if your aiming to almost completely automate the channel or your primary use-case is content distribution.
Entry Points

Depending on your configuration, customers can find your business and start a conversation from Siri, Search, Maps, your website (e.g. widget) and iOS apps. There is no need to link your Messages for Business to a telephone number.


Apple Messages for Business offers you a variety of features to make user experience as convenient and rich as possible, such as different types of list pickers, rich links, payments with Apple pay, etc. Find the detailed description here.

Activating Apple Messages for Business

To activate Apple Messages for Business, please follow the onboarding process as described here.