Apple Business Chat: Features

Apple Business Chat: Features

Business Chat offers a variety of functionalities to make user experience as rich and pleasant as possible. Apple insists on businesses using these functionalities when configuring the channels (if applicable) and Apple will pay special attention to that when evaluating user experience in a quality assurance test.



  • List Picker: drop-down menu that allows a user to pick one option from the list. This can be simply text options or options with pictures.
  • Multiselect list-picker: drop-down menu that allows a user to pick one option from the list
  • Time picker: drop-down menu to select time slots for the appointments. Information is automatically added to the calendar.
  • Rich links: nicely-looking previews of webpages
  • Apple Pay: payment with Apple Pay directly in the chat


Setting up

Rich links will be automatically generated if your webpage is tagged with open graph. How to use different pickers in the dialogues – see Buttons section of the Chatbot-Builder. Apple Pay is available upon request, please get in touch with your account manager.


This is how it looks in the Messages App

Single-select list-picker
Multiselect list-picker
Time picker
Rich links