Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket System

Can I transfer tickets from one channel to another?

No. Each channel is independent and has its own number and API.

Is there a way to export the chat?

Yes, there is a possibility to export the user history in the ticket as a PDF using the “Three dots menu”.

Each chat must be exported individually.

Below is the link to our Helpcenter.

Can I delete individual messages?

Users can delete their sent messages on their device. Within the platform, the delete single chat setting must first be activated by our support. Outgoing messages cannot be deleted via the API.

The chat messages are displayed strangely/cryptically - why?

This happens when an automatic translator is enabled, for example, by Google Chrome. Please disable all translators.

How can a WhatsApp notification read to contact users outside the 24h window?

Below are a few suggestions for inspiration:


a.) Hello {{1}},

we are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately, you reached us outside of our business hours.

We will now take care of your request as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Your MessengerPeople team


b.) Thank you for your request. Please excuse the delay in getting back to us. How may we help you regarding your request?

Best regards,

Your team from MessengerPeople

You can also use variables (to personalize the message) and emojis if you like.

Here you can find the link to our Helpcenter.


Why don't I get an email notification for new tickets?

The email notification will only be sent if the agent is not logged into the tool at the time the message is received. Email notifications will only work if the agent has enabled them at

Please make sure to actively log out of the tool and not just close the tab or browser. Only then an email notification can be sent.

Please also check your spam folder. Otherwise, please check with your internal IT department whether [email protected] can be whitelisted.

Why does the browser push notification not work?

The push notifications only work if you are logged in to the tool and are currently working in another browser tab. In this case, a “pop-up” appears briefly in the lower right corner when a new message appears. Please check in your browser and Windows settings if you allow browser pushes from

How to change these settings in your tool can be found here.

How many widgets can be created?

In our promotion tool you have the possibility to create as many different widgets as you need. However, we recommend that you do not use more than 30 widgets at a time, so as not to slow down the system unnecessarily. Also, occasionally check which widgets are no longer in use and delete them from the system.

Is there also a widget without the copyright of MessengerPeople?

We offer three different widgets in our platform – Cube, Card and Chip widget.

If you don’t want MessengerPeople’s copyright to be displayed, then use the Cube widget. The other two widgets have our copyright.

Alternatively you have the possibility to create your own, customized widget. However, we can not support you in this, please contact your own IT department.

How can I switch to direct debit?

You can change the payment method yourself within your account under Settings -> Account -> Information.

How can I change the email address of an agent?

The email address of an agent cannot be changed. You must delete the existing agent and create a new agent with the desired email address.

Why is the agent shown as "offline" even though the agent is "online and logged in"?

In order to better investigate the error with the agent status display: “online/offline” we need your support and information.

Which browser and browser version do you use for the MCP?
Which operating system do you use?

To check if your firewall blocks certain functions of our platform, please open the following link in your browser:

Do you see: “This browser supports WebSocket”?
If you click on the Connect button,
does the result window show: “Connected”?

When you click on the Send button,
does the result window show: “send” and “received”?

Please check the following settings with your IT department:
HTTPS port 443 must be allowed for the website (MCP).
The update stream ( must use the WSS (Web Socket Secure) protocol must be allowed for port 443.


The problem may also be due to the proxy being miscalculated.
The firewall may also affect the offline/online status.

Please send a screenshot of the websocket result to: [email protected]

Messaging Apps

Can a tollfree number be used for the WhatsApp Business API?

In general, it is possible to use a tollfree / 0800 number, but please note the following: normally tollfree / 0800 numbers cannot receive calls from abroad, i.e. the tollfree / 0800 number is then unreachable for the verification code.

As an alternative, some telecommunication companies offer internationally valid tollfree / 0800 numbers. Depending on the telephone service provider, it is also possible to whitelist individual numbers and thus receive the verification call. Alternatively, a forwarding of the call number can be set up. It is imperative that this is clarified prior to the verification process. MessengerPeople unfortunately has no influence on the reception of the verification calls.

The mobile number has been verified by WhatsApp. Do I still need the cell phone with this mobile number?

You need to make sure that the number remains active, i.e. recharge a prepaid phone occasionally or make sure that the contract continues if it is a contract number.

How do I create a Click To Chat?

A Click To Chat consists of a URL + phone number + text.

Just try it out:

Just change the phone number and enter your text.

Does WhatsApp Business Solution have a read receipt, a recent online status or a story status?

No. WhatsApp Business API does not currently support any of the above options.

Is the Apple ID account linked to a phone number?

The Apple ID and the phone number are not linked.

It is important that the Apple ID is linked to a company email address.

Do I need a double opt in for iMessage?

Yes, for sending news, updates or advertising content via notification.

Do I need to integrate rich links and listpicker for iMessage?

Yes. Apple insists that rich links and list pickers or time pickers are integrated to ensure a better customer journey.

Can I get direct access to the Telegram bot created by MessengerPeople?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

How can I move my Telegram bot within the platform?

We can move your Telegram bot from one channel to another channel for you. For this we need the Telegram bot name, as well as the Telegram token to store both in our system and thus connect the Telegram bot.

My Telegrambot has been deleted. What do I have to do?

Unfortunately, if your Telegram bot is deleted, you will have to create a new bot and start over.

Therefore, make sure that it doesn’t get deleted in the first place by regularly communicating via Telegram with the phone number on which the bot is created.


Can I set automatic forwarding by the chatbot?

Yes, it is possible to set the chatbot to automatically forward the customer’s request to an agent if the customer has already described his request.

You can find a detailed Helpcenter article here.

Can I copy the chatbot builder from one channel to another channel?

Yes, this is possible, but the target channel must be completely empty.

Just contact [email protected].

Can I switch back and forth between agent and chatbot?

Yes, that is possible. You can find a more detailed description here.


How do I know when maintenance work is taking place or there are malfunctions?

On our status page you can see the current status in case of any disruptions.

Here you can register to be proactively informed by us in case of short-term disruptions and as soon as they are fixed again:

Why are there more solved tickets than opened tickets in the statistics?

Because a ticket can be solved several times.

If a ticket is processed and solved by an agent on the early shift and the user then contacts the agent again and reopens the same ticket, then the agent on the late shift can solve this ticket again. This means that a ticket has been solved twice.

How can the statistics in MIA be explained?

When you send a content via MIA, this message appears under “published content”. Here you will also see the following statistics:

Reach Teaser: To all users who use WhatsApp in conjunction with Notify.
Reach content: To all users who have reached the content directly via all messengers (Notify, Telegram, ABC, etc.) except WhatsApp.
Clicks: The total number of clicks on the link contained in the MIA content.
Click rate: Percentage of subscribers who clicked on the link.

Can the MIA content be stopped in any language?

In most languages, the logout word for MIA content is the same – which is ‘Stop’.
Additionally, we also support the Arabic, Japanese and Cyrillic word for it.

If you need the logout word in another language, please contact your contact person at

[email protected]

Can users be represented anonymously in the MCP?

Please contact [email protected], because only MessengerPeople can store the anonymization of the phone numbers for your channel in the system.

If the anonymization is active, a user ID will be displayed instead of the phone numbers.