Integration to other systems

Integration to other systems

Do you want to connect our software to your current CRM system, a CMS or your online shop – maybe in order to synchronize user profiles or send messages? With our API you can manage our software remotely and do (almost) everything that’s posssible in the user interface.

You can:

  • Read or enter data from user profiles
  • Send and receive chat messages
  • See and edit settings
  • Manage tickets
  • Export statistics
  • Send notifications
  • and much more

Identifying Users

Depending on the messaging app, users will be identified in our tool either according to their telephone number (WhatsApp) or according to their messenger-ID (Facebook Mesesnger, Notify, iMessages, Telegram, Viber).

If you want to check the user with your system, you have to consider whether this is possible via the telephone number or whether you need other identifiers such as a customer number or an e-mail address. You can create a variety of user properties in our system and use these to identify customers.

Our API offers the “User – GET DETAILS” method to retrieve information about a specific user or about all users. If no specific user ID is sent there, you get a list of all users. If a user ID is given, you get information about this specific user.

Receiving Messages with WebHook

Our API also offers a WebHook, which forwards all incoming chat messages directly to a prepared URL via HTTP-POST message. This means, for example, that every message that is received by the MessengerPeople system can be forwarded to a CRM.

The API offers two calls for the Webhook:

  • GET WEBHOOK to display the current configuration
  • PUT WEBHOOK to create a new configuration, essentially to turn the WebHook on or off or to create an Endpoint

Sending Messages

If an incoming chat message is received in a 3rd party sytem with the WebHook, the API can answer through the 3rd party. The appropriate call is “User-Chat – POST SEND MESSAGE“.

WhatsApp Notifications

If a notification (for example a transaction message such as an order confirmation or a shipping confirmation) is to be sent independently of incoming messages, this can be done via the call “User-Chat – POST SEND NOTIFICATION“. Please note that the Notification templates have to be verified by WhatsApp previously.

Custom Integrations

Should you not be able to map something with our API, you have the possibility to let us develop individual integrations especially for you according to your requirements. Contact us if necessary, then we will be happy to send you your individual offer.