Viber, officially called Rakuten Viber, basically offers all functionalities of the other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Apple Business Chat. The messenger service is primarily used in Eastern Europe and is subject to a few special conditions and the official approval of Viber.

If you want to use the Viber Messenger for communication, you can easily create your own Viber bot.
Follow these simple steps to create your own Viber-Bot:

  1. Install Viber on your smartphone.
  2. Open Viber Admin Panel  and dial the phone number of the smartphone on which you have installed Viber and want to receive the verification code.
  3. You will then receive the verification code as a message in the Viber App. Enter this code in the textfield. You have 2 minutes until the code expires and loses its validity.
  4. Now you should be successfully logged in. Click on “Create Bot Account” in the left menu.
  5. Upload a suitable profile picture and choose an account name.
  6. The URI is used to create a deep link or to share the bot with potential new users.
  7. Choose a category from the drop down menu that matches your account best. You should also enter a subcategory that you can choose freely.

  8. All other fields marked with an asterisk (*) should also be filled in, as they are required.
  9. At the bottom you need to agree to the general terms and conditions and click on “Create”.

  10. After the Viber Bot has been created, you can see the token in the bottom text field.

  11. Send a Viber activation request to [email protected] and send us this token with it.
  12. As soon as we have entered the token in the system, Viber is active for your channel.
  13. For the onboarding of your users you can now use the displayed QR Code in the Viber Bot console.
  14. A messenger-usual click-to-chat link is now also possible. This looks like the following format:
    viber://pa?chatURI=mespeo support test channel&text=Start

Important note: The widget is still being adjusted. But the Click-to-Chat link can already be used without any problems today.