Quick Start MCP

Quick Start MCP

MessengerPeople is a leading messenger communication provider and offers a unified messenger service which allows your company to communicate with your customers via messaging apps. For your end customer communication we offer a software solution that includes a ticket system and chat center for customer service, sending notifications and a Chatbot builder. Of course, everything is specifically designed for messaging apps.

With the MessengerPeople Help Center we want to turn you into a messenger communication Let’s start together!

First, log in with the access data you received by e-mail. And off you go! After registering with MessengerPeople, you can configure your individual settings in the interface. Let’s take a look at the most important ones:


1. Set up your account


Set your interface language and edit your personal profile in the profile settings.

Set the ticket notifications for incoming tickets.

Manage your channel, set your customer interface language, create a welcome message and configure which messengers are allowed as communication channels in the General Channel Settings.


2. Create test users (for a WhatsApp trial) / create a Widget (for other messaging apps )


As a test customer, you can test the tool during your WhatsApp trial along with some colleagues. To subscribe to the test phone number, you can click on the green “open WhatsApp” button in the dashboard and send the predefined start message. Alternatively, you can also save the test phone number directly in your contacts and type in and send the test-ID (TID) manually. After you have successfully stored your first test users in the system, you can get started and have your first ticket sent to you. For this, you or one of your test users simply have to send a chat via WhatsApp to your channel number. Once this is done, navigate to the menu item “Assign” and assign the received ticket to the agent and then edit it.


To ensure secure communication, we use a Double-Opt-In procedure via widget. As a customer (or as a test customer for messaging apps except WhatsApp) you can configure your widget directly. For this purpose we provide you with a widget editor with which you can create and edit your widget. Promote your new channel on a landing page and embed the widget prominently.


3. Process your tickets

Chats received in your channel from individual users (tickets) are displayed in the ticket system and can be edited there. Ticket processing consists of the following steps: assign a ticket to an agent, reply to the user, solve a ticket, if necessary – send a notification (WhatsApp). You can learn more about these steps here.


4. Keep an eye on your statistics

View statistics about your ticket processing and chats and improve your communication strategy. You can find them in the menu item “Statistics” as well as in the dashboard. Statistics are available for the roles of administrator and dispatcher.


5. Increase your reach

Chatting itself isn’t hard. Now it’s time to make your customers aware of your new support channel. We’ve put together a few tips for you:

Promote your new channel: Inform your customers about the new channel and the registration process on your website’s own landing page. Place the widget and promote the landing page using banners, e.g. by placing it in the header, footer and sidebar of your website. In addition, you can place a QR code on all print media that contains the direct link to the landing page. Your users can then conveniently scan this code and register.

Use your existing reach: Promote your new channel on social networks where you already have a large fan community.

Interact with your customers: Experience shows that close interaction with customers contributes to long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty. Use our Chat Center for 1:1 communication with your customers and build a chatbot with the help of our Chatbot Builder to automate your communication.

The Messenger Communication Platform also supports you in manual user management.