What’s Notify?

With Notify there is an app that gives you as a company two ways to offer your information on your smartphone as a push message:

  1. Use Notify as a stand-alone news app
  2. Use Notify in combination with WhatsApp

Depending on which version you have set up your enterprise channel for, your customers can access the content in Notify or in WhatsApp.

Notify is a free application, which doesn’t collect nor save any personal data and available for both iOS and Android. Your customers do not need to register for the Notify Messenger. There is also no need to enter an e-mail address or a mobile phone number. This distinguishes Notify from many other Messenger Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Co.

Another important advantage of Notify: Your customers’ user experience is not interrupted by advertising. That means your content gets the undivided attention of your customers.

You can find more interesting information about the Notify app here.

1st possibility: Notify as a stand-alone news app

You offer a corporate channel in Notify. Any user who has installed Notify can easily subscribe to your channel. When you post a new message in your channel, the user receives a push message in real time. Your messages are displayed directly in Notify. To learn how to publish messages in the MCP tool, click here.

Your corporate channel can be public or private.

If your corporate channel is public, any Notify user can subscribe to your channel. If your channel is private, then the channel can only be subscribed to if the user knows your specific channel number. Private Corporate Channels are interesting in the B2B sector, because only selected people can read your content.

In the Notify app, corporate channels are divided into categories such as: Bargain, Local News, Entertainment, Shopping, etc. You decide in which category your corporate channel should appear.

If the name of the corporate channel is displayed in blue letters, the news will be displayed directly in Notify.

2nd option: Notify in combination with WhatsApp

As soon as you publish an information in your channel, the user in Notify gets a push message. When the user clicks on the teaser push message, WhatsApp opens and he can retrieve the full message with the predefined command #<term>.  To learn how to publish messages with teasers in the MCP tool, click here.

If the corporate channel name is displayed in black, the user can retrieve the information with a command #<term> in WhatsApp. If the user clicks on such a company channel in Notify, WhatsApp opens automatically and the corresponding command is predefined in the text input field – the user now only has to click on “send” and receives the published information.