How does autorouting help me?

The autorouting feature is designed to reduce manual dispatching efforts by assigning tickets to agents automatically upon receipt based on rules.

The following steps are necessary to use the feature:

  1. Go to Settings >> Channel >> Autorouting.
  2. Define the skills.
  3. Activate the autorouting.
  4. Assign the skills to the agents.
    Note: This step can be done by the admin in the agent settings (Settings >> Account >> Agent).

The autorouting function reduces the manual dispatching effort by automatically assigning incoming tickets to agents according to skills.

You can configure autorouting under Settings > Channel > Autorouting. To use the function, the following three steps are necessary:

a.) First, the skills must be defined.

b.) Then the autorouting can be activated

c.) Finally, the skills must be assigned to the agents. This step can be done by the admin in the agent settings (Settings >> Account >> Agent).

What is possible after activating the autorouting function?

Tickets are automatically assigned to the last agent to be processed.
This rule also takes effect if the agent is not online, although rule “Assign tickets to online agents only” is activated!

Maximum number of tickets assigned to an agent
If all agents have reached the maximum number of assigned tickets, no assignment will be made.
Attention: If assignments are performed by the bot, this setting will also take effect if autorouting is deactivated.

Assign tickets to online agents only

Tickets will only be assigned to agents that are online at that moment. If there are no agents eligible for autorouting, the tickets will no longer be assigned, but will end up in the assignment page for manual dispatching.

Rules based on keywords

In the pop-up, keywords are defined for specific skills. A rule can contain several keywords (separated by spaces). The priority indicates the position of the new rule (top with high priority, bottom with low priority).

Incoming tickets are automatically checked for the presence of the keywords. If there is a match, the rule takes effect and the ticket is assigned to the next agent with the corresponding skill (see also editor roles).

By equal distribution is meant that the agent with the fewest tickets in current processing automatically gets the next ticket. Only agents with the status active (green marker) or offline (black marker) will be considered. Agents registered as absent (yellow marker) or inactive (gray marker) will not be assigned tickets automatically.