Shop Integration

Shop Integration

What is a shopintegration??

You would like to advise your customers on products via Messenger and then also sell this product? With our shopintegration you have the possibility to link your existing store system with our MCP (Messenger Communication Platform). This allows you to suggest a product to your customers directly in Messenger (Shopware), they can order it there and be forwarded to the shopping cart (Shopify). The intermediate step of having to switch back to the website is completely eliminated.

Prerequisite for this are the store systems Shopify or Shopware from version 5 . Below you will find a description of how you can connect to the respective system.

You have to do that in your shopsystem:


To connect your Shopify store to our MCP, you first need to create a private app in Shopify. Please note that you must have administration rights in your Shopify account.

  1. Click on the “Apps” field in the left menu column.
  2. Scroll down the Apps page and click on the “Manage Private Apps” field.
  3. Click on the “Create a new private app” box in the top right corner.
  4. Fill in the required data of the private app.
      • Give the app a name, for example “MessengerPeople Integration”.
      • Please store [email protected] as the developer email address in case of emergency.
      • In the “Admin API” section, the following permissions (read access) must be enabled: Orders, Fulfillment Services, Gift Certificates, Product Offers, Products, Discounts and Shipping. For all other permissions, we do not require access.
      • In the “Storefront API” section, please allow access with the “Read and modify checkouts” permission.
      • Save the app.
  5. The app will now appear in the private app overview. Please open the private app you just created and the MCP in parallel. In the MCP, please navigate to the settings and to store integration.

Shopware (version 6 and above):

To connect your Shopware store to our MCP, the admin interface to read orders and the storefront interface to access the product catalog are required.

  1. In the “Settings/System” area, click on Integration.
  2. Here you have to create a new integration.
      • Enter a name, for example “MessengerPeople Integration”.
      • The switch “Administrator” must be set to “on”.
      • Please have the access ID (client_id) ready for the next steps.
      • Please have the API access key (client_secret) ready for the next steps.
  3. Click on “Storefront” in the menu.
  4. Scroll down to the “API access key” section.
      • Please have the API access key (sw_access_token) ready for the next steps.
  5. In the MCP, please navigate to settings and shopintegration.

Shopware (Version 5):

To connect your Shopware store to our MCP, a new user must be created in Shopware. Please give this user the name (client_id) “MessengerPeople” and have the API key (client_secret) ready for the next steps.

You have to do that in the MCP:

  1. Go to settings >> Shopintegration
  2. Add a new shop via the plus symbol in the upper right corner.
  3. Fill in the data according to the input mask. Please note that the shopname must be exactly the name of your shop. Password and storefront access token can be found in the app details of the created private app.
  4. Click on “connect”. Your shop should be now successfully connected and the connection status should be displayed in green.
    • Product search: here you will find all products that can also be found in your onlineshop. You can search here by name or item number. In the detailed view (click on the product) you will see size, color, models, etc. Here you can select the product and suggest to to the users.
    • Order history of the user: here you can see what and how often the respective users have already orderer from you via WhatsApp.
    • Shopping cart (Shopify only): With the help of the chatbot we created and built in, the selected products of the user(s) can be added to the shopping cart (via buttons). The agent can then send the shopping cart to the user once the ordering process is complete.
  5. This person then clicks on the link sent and is redirected to the Shopifysite to pay through it.

How does the shop integration work?

  1. Open an user or a ticket.
  2. Here you’ll see all panels (user properties, user history etc.) as usual. Click on the green shopping cart icon on the right side.
  3. Now you see our shop integration with the panels product search & settings, user order history and user shopping cart.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you encounter any problems.

If your store is connected correctly, you can see new panels in the ticket system interface that allow you to use the store functionality.