Chatblocks – Settings

Chatblocks – Settings

What are chatblocks?

Chatblocks are chat answer templates, which are available to agents as standardized messages during ticket handling. The agent can also edit the text manually before sending it if desired.

How to create a chatblock:

  1. Go to Settings >> Channel >> Chatblock.
  2. Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner to create a new chat module and define the name and the text.
    Note: You can also use user attributes in the text, these are addressed with $, e.g. $name$. When sending, the current value of the feature $name$ will be inserted into the text.
  3. Click on “Save”. The chat module will now be displayed in your list. To edit/delete it, simply click on the 3 vertical dots to the left of the chat module name.

With the release of 28.07.2020 our system additionally analyses the writing behaviour of agents (outgoing chats) with the help of NLP technology and automatically suggests chatblocks if the system detects recurring answers.

Administrators are notified directly in the dashboard when there are new suggestions. Recommended chatblocks are listed under Settings -> Channel -> Chatblocks and can be approved or rejected by an administrator.