Welcome message

Welcome message

What’s a welcome message? 

Would you like to display two messages after another, ask for user data, send different media-files or have alternative welcome messages for different messengers right after a user sings up for your channel? You can do that by setting up your welcome message via the Chatbot-builder.

How to set the welcome message:

  1. Navigate to Chatbot Builder (Settings/Channel/Chatbot Builder)
  2. Create a new dialogue in the default theme with a trigger __score (double underscore). Please mind that the trigger __start needs a separate dialogue and cannot be combined with other triggers! The welcome message in Settings/Channel/Settings will be automatically replaced with a newly created dialogue:

    User Question: __start

    Bot Answer: Hello and welcome to our channel

  3. Click on the green triangle to see an advanced view and create a second Bot answer, and add a media file. Remember that the messages configured that the Chatbot Builder are part of a 1:1 chat, and these welcome messages will then be billed according to your contract.

IMPORTANT: welcome messages are triggered by the very first registration on the user only. Think of an entry point into your dialogue for returning users: this may be a specific trigger word or a wildcard * placed in the topic “Default” (for an example, have a look at the tutorial “option menu”).


Alternative welcome messages for different messengers

You can also set up alternative welcome messages for different messengers. The variable $profile_messenger$ contains information on the messenger that a user uses. By using this variable in conditions, you can split up your welcome dialogue in the following way (find here a list of abbreviations of all messengers :

$profile_messenger$ == "WB" for messages in WhatsApp Business

The first condition here checks if the message is received via WhatsApp, the second condition applies to all other cases:

This way your user will get different welcome messages in WhatsApp and all other messengers. Moreover, note, that a change into a topic “Name” is defined in a welcome message: once sending a welcome message, the bot will switch to a topic “name” and ask a user for his/her name. See pages conditions and special expressions for more information.

How to set up MIA-welcome message

  1. Go either to settings >> MIA Settings or to the Chatbot Builder.
  2. In the Chatbot Builder, set the command __start_mia (two underscores and one underscore).