Ticket List

Ticket List

The menu point „ticket bar“ offers an overview of all tickets. You can filter these according to agent (available only to administrator and dispatcher), status, waiting time, or tags, and can sort them according to how long they’ve been waiting, the messaging app, or tags. The search function allows you to search through all currently filtered tickets, chats, names, and ticket IDs, and tickets that match your search term will be shown.

When you select a ticket you can forward it, resolve it, or simply view it.

You can also perform mass actions via the tickets and save a lot of time.

The following mass actions are possible:

  • Assign ticket
  • Detach tickets
  • Set label

How do I make a mass action?

  1. First select the appropriate filter by clicking on the filter icon.
  2. Select the desired tickets via the “checkbox”.
  3. Now the “Mass actions” appear in the upper right corner: Assign ticket, Solve ticket and Set label” appear on the top right.