Open tickets for agents

Open tickets for agents

Our system allows a chatbot to open tickets for human agents. This happens in the following cases:

1. When a chatbot fails to reply to a user question, a ticket for a human agent in ticketing system is created. Note: whether the chatbot gets deactivated, depends on the settings (Settings/Channel/Settings/Chatbot Settings). Activating autorouting functionality, allows for an automatic dispatching of tickets to agents instead of collecting all open tickets in a common pool.

2. Bot-action „Open ticket“/”Open ticket and disable bot” was explicitly defined in the chatbot-builder in response to some trigger. The ticket will be put into a common pool. Autorouting applies if defined in channel setting. Similarly to the first case, deactivation of the chatbot in this case depends on the channel settings. If you choose a setting “open ticket and deactivate bot”, the chatbot will be switched off.

3. Bot-action „Handover to an agent“/”Handover to an online agent” was explicitly defined in the chatbot-builder in response to some trigger. In this case the bot will always hand over to an agent. You can even specify an agent with a specific skill to hand the conversation over. In our example, a user question containing a keyword „job application“ would immediately be handed over to an agent with a skill „HR“. When no agent with a defined skill was found/no agent is online (in case of “handover to an online agent”), the ticket will be put into a common pool for subsequent manual dispatching or will be autorouted (if activated). Note: In case of explicit hand-over from a bot to an agent, independently of channel settings the chatbot will always get deactivated.

During the conversation with a user, an agent can activate individual chatbot-topics in the bot panel and turn the chatbot builder on/off. Note: Once a ticket was closed, the chatbot gets activated again and the user is again the the topic “default”.