What can I do with the characteristics in the user profile?

You can use characteristics to store data about your users and thus create and manage a profile. As an administrator, you can create all features that are relevant to you.

Examples for a feature: name, phone number, shoe size, address, etc.

The characteristic carrier is always the individual user. Each user who has registered for your service will automatically be assigned a user profile with the corresponding characteristics.

The properties can be gathered in four different ways:

  1. The user opens his/her profile link via the keyword “Profile” and enters the information.
    The following steps are necessary:
    – Go to Settings >> Channel >> User Characteristics and define the characteristics that the customer should see and enter.
    – It is important that the checkbox “This user feature is visible for users on the profile page” is set.
  2. The user runs through a bot that requests information.
  3. You, as the agent, process the user in the user interface and store information.
  4. You connect to our REST API ( and write the information from existing third-party systems into our system.

In the channel settings (Settings > Channel > User Properties) you can set and manage properties.

The stored characteristics are always attached to the user:in and persist across different tickets. So you don’t have to query name and customer number again for each ticket.