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Customer Communication via Messaging Apps 

Different Messenger Markets & Top Use Cases

  • The Rise of Messaging Apps

  • Professional Tips – for Beginners and Experts

  • Best Practice Examples

  • Strategy Checklists

  • KPI’s and ROI Calculation

Whitepaper: Indian Messenger Market  >> 

Whitepaper: UK Messenger Market  >> 

Whitepaper: US Messenger Market  >> 

Whitepaper: Latin America Messenger Market (available in spanish) >> 

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How to use the Messenger Communication Platform

  • Dashboard of the Messenger Communication Platform

  • 1:1 chats, generating user characteristics

  • Pre-set answers (Chatblocks) for FAQs

  • Tickets distribution using drag & drop or autorouting


Webinar: Messaging Apps in HR: Recruiting and application management via WhatsApp & Co.

  • Why should companies use messaging apps?

  •  Which messaging apps are most suitable for HR?

  • How do companies use WhatsApp & Co. correctly and in compliance with GDPR?

  • In which phases are messaging apps most effective? (Consulting, job search, application process & onboarding)



Successful Customer Service with Messaging Apps

  • The advantages of using messaging apps in the customer relationship

  • What are the legal and data protection requirements?

  • Facts & figures from the MessengerPeople & YouGov study

  • Best practices from top customers

  • LIVE Messenger Communication Platform demo, with a focus on the latest features


Successful Customer Communication with Messaging Apps in E-commerce

  • Why should I use messaging apps for e-commerce support?

  • How messaging apps promote brand loyalty

  • Important details about data privacy

  • Best practice e-commerce cases from our customers

  • LIVE Messenger Communication Platform demo, with a focus on the latest features


The Successful Usage of Messaging Apps in the Finance Industry

  • Better customer relations with messaging apps

  • The relevance of messaging apps in the financial sector

  • What are the legal and data protection requirements?

  • Successful use cases

  • Automation options for customer service in the financial sector

  • Exclusive LIVE Demo of the Messenger Communication Platform


Special Webinar - Messaging Apps for Customer Service - Tips & Tricks for WhatsApp & Co.

  • The Development of Messaging Apps for Customer Service

  • From A for Apple Business Chat to W for WhatsApp: an Overview

  • 7 Tips for Successful Customer Service via Messaging Apps

  • Best Practice for Messenger Communication

  • Tool Demo: How to use Messaging Apps for B2C Communication


Special Webinar - WhatsApp Business API How-To

  • What can WhatsApp customer communication offer my business?

  • WhatsApp Business API overview

  • Data privacy and WhatsApp

  • Usage statistics and the development of business messaging

  • WhatsApp customer communication: best practices


Chatbots in Customer Service - Best Practice and How-To

  • What are Chatbots?

  • How can Chatbots support your customer service?

  • Chatbots: best practice examples

  • When you first create a Chatbot, you need to have a solid concept

  • Inside the MessengerPeople Platform (Chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Telegram and Viber)

  • Creating a simple FAQ Bot for customer service


Advanced Chatbots in Customer Service

  • How can chatbots support customer service?

  • Chatbot Conception & Tools: Every Chatbot needs a solid concept

  • How can I design dialogues with multimedia and variants?

  • How can I collect customer data with the bot?

  • What personalization options do chatbots offer to improve the user experience?


WhaaaasUp #1 - Messenger Marketing after the End of the WhatsApp Newsletter

  • What options does WhatsApp offer for official business communication?

  • What are WhatsApp Notifications?

  • How can I use 1:1 communication on WhatsApp?

  • How can I communicate relevant content via WhatsApp?


WhaaaasUp #2 - How to train your users to use MIA

  • What options do I have to train my users to use pull communication?

  • Pull communication training

  • Menu strategies

  • Notify app


WhaaaasUp #3 - The Perfect Teaser

  • What is a teaser?

  • How can I write a good teaser?

  • Encouraging users to engage in pull communication


Como ter uma comunicação de sucesso com o cliente através dos aplicativos de mensagens (Portuguese)

  • A relevância dos aplicativos de mensagens

  • Aplicativos de mensagens no relacionamento com o cliente

  • Automação através de chatbots

  • Melhores usos de alguns dos nossos clientes

  • Demonstração ao vivo exclusiva da Messenger Communication Platform com os recursos mais recentes


Por qué utilizar las mensajerías como herramienta de éxito para la comunicación con el cliente (Spanish)

  • La relevancia de las aplicaciones de mensajería

  • Aplicaciones de mensajería en la relación con el cliente

  • Automatización mediante chatbots

  • Mejores prácticas de algunos de nuestros clientes

  • Demostración exclusiva en vivo de la Messenger Communication Platform con las últimas funciones


Come usare le applicazioni di messaggistica mobile per il Customer Success (Italian)

  • La rilevanza delle applicazioni di messaggistica mobile

  • Applicazioni di messaggistica mobile nella relazione con i clienti

  • Chatbot e automatizzazione

  • Le migliori pratiche di utilizzo di alcuni nostri clienti

  • Esclusiva demo dal vivo della Messenger Communication Platform con tutte le nuove implementazioni


Comment mieux interagir avec vos clients via les Messenger les plus utilisés (French)

  • La pertinence des applications de messagerie

  • Messenger apps dans la relation client

  • Automatisation par chatbots

  • Messenger dans la vie réelle : meilleures pratiques

  • Démonstration exclusive en temps réel de notre Messenger Communication Platform


From push to pull - Engaging customers without Newsletters

  • Why push marketing should be avoided

  • How to stay top-of-mind for your customers

  • Providing curated information, not spam, is key

  • What is relevant information?

  • Best use cases


Du push au pull - fidélisation de la clientèle sans envoi de newsletter (French)

  • Pourquoi devriez-vpis éviter le marketing push

  • Commet rester prioritaire chez vos clients

  • Fournir des infos chiblées, pas de spam 

  • Quel genre d'information est essentiel? 

  • Meilleurs cas d'usage


Da push a pull - Fidelizzare i clienti senza usare newsletter (Italian)

  • Perché il marketing push si dovrebbe evitare

  • Come avere maggior attenzione dai tuoi clienti

  • La chiave è fornire un'informazione rilevante, e non spam

  • Cos'è un'informazione rilevante?

  • I migliori casi d'uso


De push para pull - Fidelização de clientes sem envio de newsletter (Portuguese)

  • Por que o marketing Push deve ser evitado

  • Como manter a atencão dos seus clientes

  • Fornecer informacões, e não spam, é essencial

  • O que é informacão relevante?

  • Melhores casos de uso


No more WhatsApp Newsletter - these are the alternatives 

  • No more WhatsApp Newsletter - here are the alternatives

  • Facts & figures

  • Customer service and notifications

  • Best practices from our customers


How to communicate with your customers via messaging apps - Best cases and success stories

  • 10 key learnings for successful messenger communication

  • 5 success stories of our customers

  • Exclusive LIVE demo of the Messenger Communication Platform