MIA - "Messenger Information Assistant"

Under the menu item "MIA" you can send content to multiple messenger receivers/users. We recommend that the recipients register for your channel using a widget. Of course, users can also save the phone number directly on the smartphone and write to the channel directly.

Sending push messages via Messenger to multiple recipients is primarily supported by Telegram, Notify and Facebook. To use the Facebook Messenger for push messages, you need an entry in the News Page Index of Facebook.

To receive messages via WhatsApp, Notify is required as a helper app. Notify plays a teaser that contains a command. This command must be triggered in WhatsApp to display the content.

If the MIA feature is not active in your account, please contact [email protected]

All further details can be found in the next chapters.

To send content via Messenger, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Configuring MIA Settings
  2. Create login widgets in the editor
  3. Plan and send content

Configuring MIA Settings

Under the menu item MIA Settings, you can adjust the following settings:


MIA Settings

Activate Mia users

Setting: Every first message activates the user for MIA

This means that "every first message" a user sends automatically activates him or her for MIA. If a user is active for MIA, then the content you publish will be sent to them.

Recommendation: We recommend this setting if you only want to offer "1:n communication" as a messenger service.


Setting: Special message activates the user for Mia

This means that the user will only be activated for MIA if he or she sends the "MIA activation word" you defined. For example, a MIA activation word could be "Start".

Recommendation: We recommend this setting if you want to offer both "1:n communication" and "1:1 communication" as a messenger service.


Welcome message for MIA registration

If you leave a message here, then every user who activates for MIA will automatically receive the "welcome message".

Note: You can also define the "welcome message" via the Chatbot Builder. In the Chatbot Builder you can create an individual "welcome message" for each messenger.

Recommendation: It is recommended to leave a message, then the user knows immediately whether the activation was successful.


Welcome addition for WhatsApp (Notify)

If you leave a message here, then every user who uses the app "Notify as Push-App" will automatically receive the given "welcome addition".

The welcome message is an additional message/information for all WhatsApp users who have not yet installed Notify.


Answer for missing content

WhatsApp users do NOT receive your content automatically, but must retrieve it independently with the #top command. You can also define your own commands that allow the user to "pull" the content/information. If the WhatsApp user has already retrieved all available content with the command #top, he or she will automatically receive the stored answer, e.g.: "Unfortunately there is no new content available at the moment."


Number of contents retrievable at once

Here you can define how many messages a user should receive if he sends the command #top once.


Content available for ...

There are contents which are only valid for a certain period of time, e.g. daily offers.
Here you can define the time period in which your content is available.

Example: If you send a daily offer to your MIA subscribers every day in the morning, it is recommended to select the period "24 hours". The content of your daily offer is available 24 hours from the time of publication by using the command #top.

Note: This setting cannot be applied selectively to specific content.


Installation Confirmation Notify

If a user had not yet installed Notify on his  or her smartphone and installs the Notify app with the help of the welcome add-on, he or she will receive a confirmation after successful installation.


Unsubscribe confirmation for MIA

If you leave a message here, then every user who unsubscribes himself for MIA will automatically receive this "confirmation of deregistration". A user can unsubscribe independently at any time with the keyword "Stop".


Command - Menu Call

In MIA you also have the possibility to offer your users a simple menu for orientation. The menu can be called by the user with the command #help for example.

Here you can define the text for the heading e.g: "Choose one of the following options to get information: …"

You can add more commands by clicking on the plus icon, which also opens the menu in the Messenger.
The menu icon allows you to edit and delete the commands.


Command - Menu

Here you can define which menu commands and their actions you want to offer to your users.

Use the plus icon to add more menu commands.
With the menu icon you can define the position (order) of the command in the menu and also edit and delete it.
You can choose from the following actions for a command:

Action: Reply

If you choose the action: Answer, the user receives the answer you defined. An answer can consist of a text message and a file.

Action: Activate Chatbot

If you choose the action: Activate chatbot, the user will be redirected to a chatbot topic.

Action: Return published content

If you choose the action: Return published content, the user will receive previously published content.

Plan and send content

Under the menu item MIA you can plan and publish content.

In the Panel: Content you can create content. On the right side you will find the "Panel Picker". Use the arrow symbol to open and close the panel picker.
Tip: If you move the mouse over the symbols, you will see which panel you are opening. You can open the following additional panels:   

  • Published
  • Planned contents
  • Draft
  • Reach
  • Command - Menu
  • Preview

To send content, you must first select the target audience in the Panel: Content. (By default there is only the target group "All users").

Next you create the content.

  • If you want to send a media file, you have to provide it by clicking the button "Upload file". The following media formats are possible: jpg, png, gif, mp4, mp3, mov, pdf.
    Note: The file must not exceed 23 MB in size. Larger file sizes are not supported by Telegram and Notify.
  • At "Content text" you can enter your message. Additionally you can use the "emoji icon" to open a pop-up and add emojis.

Afterwards you have the possibility to plan your content, save it as a draft or publish it.

Plan content: When you plan content, it will be sent automatically at the time you have defined.

Draft: If you save your content as a draft, you can edit, plan and publish it later.

Publish content: When you publish content, it will be sent to the selected target group immediately.


Included panels in the panel picker:

Panel: Published content

There you can see the history of your published content and additional information.

Special feature: If you move the mouse over the green "colored numbers", e.g. at "Reach Content", you will see additional information.

Panel: Planned contents

Here you can see your planned contents. The contents can be edited and deleted.

Panel: Draft

Here you can see the content that you have saved as a "draft". These contents can be edited and deleted.

Panel: Range

Here you can find out how many users you reach with your content.

Special feature: If you move the mouse over the graphic, additional information is displayed.

Panel: Command menu

Here you can provide content that can be retrieved by the user with the command #<term>. For example, if a user sends the command #contact via the chat in Messenger, the user will receive the content you have stored. This can be a text, a link or an image.

Panel: Preview

Via the panel: You see a preview how your message will look like in the Messenger.